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Group Sales

Group Discounts


RPO Group Sales Contact:
Jenni Kohler, Direct Sales Manager

Book a group of 10 or more and SAVE! Groups can consist of students, alumni, clubs, churches, corporations, seniors, families, or just you and your friends. Whatever your group may be, sign up with the RPO and receive discounts on your tickets and updates on new concerts and events.


Group Leaders

Sign up as a Group Leader with your RPO and receive information about upcoming concerts and special group discounts and deals. If you bring a group of 25 or more people to an RPO concert you get a free ticket to the event. To sign up, please email the following information to Jenni Kohler, Direct Sales Manager, at jkohler@rpo.org.

  • Group Name
  • Concert(s) interested in
  • Group Leader Name *
  • Address
  • City, State Zip code
  • Phone *
  • Email *

* required information


Group Benefits

  • Save off single ticket prices for most RPO concerts
  • Personal service from friendly and knowledgeable RPO staff and your own group sales representative
  • Complimentary tickets for Group Leaders of 25 people or more (and bus drivers, if coaches are used) 
  • Free Pre-Concert Chats at Philharmonics concerts

If you have any questions or would like more information about bringing a group to an RPO concert please contact Jenni Kohler, Direct Sales Manager, by phone at 585-399-3697 or by e-mail at jkohler@rpo.org.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider the RPO for your Next Group Outing: 

1. Health: Studies have shown that listening to music can help lower blood pressure, manage pain, heal from injury or surgery, and manage epilepsy

2. Education: Several studies, most notably the so-called "Mozart Effect," have shown that listening to classical music can improve the way the brain works, including improved memory, increased creativity, and improved short-term spatial-temporal reasoning. While the verdict is still out on many of these findings, there is no question that listening to classical music offers a profound artisitic and cultural experience--one that broadens our horizens and puts us in direct contact with some of the greatest musical masterpieces ever created.

3. Well-being: Many find listening to classical music to be a relaxing experience. RPO concerts provide a space to turn off our phones, escape the business of our day-to-day lives, and just "listen."

4. World-class talent: Similar to a professional sports franchise, professional orchestras are comprised of some of the greatest musicians the world has to offer. RPO musicians have spent years and countless practice hours honing their craft, and are truly extraordinary at what they do. Additionally, most RPO concerts feature a special guest artist (or artists), including virtuoso soloists, Broadway stars, and more.

5. It's fun! RPO concerts are far from "stuffy." Concerts are a great way to create memories with friends and family and audiences are welcome to wear whatever is comfortable. We present a wide variety of concerts each season - everything from Mozart to Broadway - meaning that it's easy to pick an event that everyone will enjoy.


logo_visitrochester.jpgIf you are coming from out of town and would like assistance with planning your visit, the RPO is a proud member of VisitRochester, our community’s convention and visitors bureau. We encourage you to take advantage of all their resources by visiting visitrochester.com. They will gladly help you locate other group venues for sightseeing, lodging, meals, and collateral materials. 


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