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Alice Meyer

Instrument: Clarinet

With the RPO since: 1979

Hometown: Denver, CO

Non-RPO activities and hobbies:  I knit and crochet both small projects and afghans. I absolutely LOVE to shop bargains and garage sales, one of my favorite shopping days being Black Friday! I write music and CD reviews for “The Clarinet,” the journal for the International Clarinet Association. My latest interest is in the area of early music. I have ordered a clarinet that is a copy of a 1740 clarinet with only seven keys. Playing this type of clarinet is very different than our modern ones, so in learning how to play it, I will be starting from the beginning! I am looking forward to playing early music with other musicians!

What music school did you attend, and who were your most inspirational teachers? Eastman School of Music. I received my Master of Arts degree in Pedagogy of Music Theory, and my Bachelor of Music degree in Performance, with a Performer’s Certificate. My most influential teacher was Stanley Hasty. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of him when I am teaching a concept to a student, or playing in the orchestra. I have also studied with Daniel Johnston and Richard Joiner.

Favorite books/movies:  My favorite movie is Apollo 13, with Tom Hanks. Jim Lovell (Tom Hanks) wanted more than anything to land on the moon, but because of circumstances with the spacecraft, was unable to fulfill that dream. I think we can all relate to unfulfilled dreams in our lives. My favorite book is The Arcanum by Janet Gleeson. I love history.

What kinds of music do you enjoy listening to? Baroque – particularly Early Baroque. We clarinetists don’t really get to play Baroque music because the clarinet was not “invented” until around 1720ish, and didn’t enjoy popularity until the late 1700s.

And if you had to pick just one, what’s your favorite piece? Anything Beethoven! Particularly the second movement of the Seventh Symphony.

People would be surprised to know … I have five children.

What do you most enjoy about living in the Rochester area? Rochester has been a great place to raise a family. The town we live in has a very small-town feel. We live in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the city.

What are your favorite restaurants in Rochester, and why? Scotch and Sirloin. Best steaks ANYWHERE!!!!!!!

The RPO is essential to the Rochester community because … One of the ways a community has health is in the life of the arts. The RPO is a great example of that. It is also a place where the community can come together for a common purpose. 

What sports team(s) do you root for? The Yankees, of course!!!!

Favorite late-night snack: Panda Paws Ice Cream with lots of chocolate sauce.

What is your favorite way to spend your day off? Either shopping or a trip to Buffalo to have lunch with a friend.

What is your most memorable musical experience? One of the most memorable experiences in music was in high school. I was playing clarinet in the pit band for the musical we were doing. I looked down in the middle of the musical and noticed a crack in my clarinet. It was the first crack I had experienced with my instrument, and I was devastated. 

One of the most memorable MUSICAL experiences I have had was to be featured soloist with the Roberts Wesleyan College-Community Orchestra. I played Concertino by C.M. von Weber. Both Mr. Hasty and Dan Johnston came to hear me play. It was truly a thrill!


Alice Meyer has taught at Roberts Wesleyan College since 1985, teaching Applied Clarinet, Clarinet Choir, Music Theory, and Aural Skills. In addition to being a member of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra clarinet section, she has played with the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra and the Rochester Chamber Orchestra. She has played in concerts with the Society for Chamber Music in Rochester and performs frequently throughout the Rochester area. In March of 2008, Meyer performed with colleague Michael Landrum at the American Music Theatre in Lancaster, PA. Meyer is a contributor and reviewer for The Clarinet, the quarterly magazine of the International Clarinet Association. She has taught at the Csehy Summer School of Music in Philadelphia, PA for the past five years. 


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