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Shannon Nance

Shannon Nance
Shannon Nance

Instrument: Violin

With the RPO since:  1991

Hometown: Lincoln, NE

Non-RPO activities and hobbies: Raising my four wonderful kids, sailing, wine & food tasting, dancing, scrapbooking

What music school did you attend, and who were your most inspirational teachers? BM and MM from Eastman School of Music: influential teachers were Catherine Tait and Zvi Zeitlin

Favorite books/movies: Whatever I happen to be reading to my kids...someday I'll read grown up books! Favorite Movies: The Incredibles, Harry Potter movies, Pride and Prejudice

What kinds of music do you enjoy listening to? I'm eclectic: Alison Krauss and Bela Fleck, Switchfoot, Nicole Nordemann, Rosemary Clooney...depends on my mood!

And if you had to pick just one, what’s your favorite piece? Barber Violin Concerto. Reminds me of home...

People would be surprised to know…People would be surprised to know I was on a TV show for 4 years, beginning when I was 10 years old. It was called Strawberry Square and was filmed for NE Educational Television. It had to do with teaching kids about music, but I never performed violin on the show...there was a lot of acting, singing, and dancing!

What do you most enjoy about living in the Rochester area? I love the seasons in Rochester...I love getting outside in each season.

What are your favorite restaurants in Rochester, and why? I really enjoy Rooney's, 2 Vine, Joe Bean Coffee, Sinbad's, Plum Garden, and Chipotle

The RPO is essential to the Rochester community because…music brings creativity and beauty to people. Normal, everyday life is not always perfect...but the RPO can bring a symphony to life that can speak hope, comfort, and refreshment to listener's hearts. There has to be a place that people can go to experience great music in Rochester -- where they can sit and be reassured that there is still beauty and hope in the world.

What sports team(s) do you root for? I try to be a Huskers fan, but I have trouble actually making the time to follow football! My whole family lives in Rochester now, and they do a good job of rooting for the Cornhuskers even though we're far from home!

Favorite late-night snack: wine, cheese and chocolate

What is your favorite way to spend your day off? With my family, which includes playing games such as backgammon and dominoes, reading books together, going for a run, walk, or bike ride, and if the weather is right, sailing on Lake Ontario.

What is your most memorable musical experience?
I remember playing Mahler for the first time in my life: I was a student at Interlochen summer camp, and we were playing Mahler 1 in the open air theater. I had never even heard Mahler before, and sitting on the stage playing this incredible piece with a huge, enthusiastic orchestra, outside with the natural sound of birds mixing with the music, was a life changing experience. It was the first time I ever had the thought "this is what I want to do for a living!"

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