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Rochester Philharmonic League

The Rochester Philharmonic League was founded in 1929 as a support group for the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra. For over 75 years, the two organizations have worked closely together to further the common goal of providing great music and music education for the community. The League’s activities focus on educating young people about music and our orchestra, and on fostering the advancement of music talent in our youth.

Intermediate Grade Concerts and Primary Concerts – The RPO offers a series of five concerts each winter for 4th-6th graders and two concerts each spring for 1st-3rd graders. Each year, League volunteers escort over 15,000 children from the busses to their seats in Kodak Hall at Eastman Theatre, providing an opportunity to attend a world-class orchestral performance that many of the students might never experience otherwise.

Young Artist Auditions (YAA) – The League organizes and hosts the prestigious Young Artist Auditions competition each March. High school students from nine counties compete for awards in the categories of male and female vocal, strings, piano, and instrumental. The first-place winners in the five categories audition before a panel of judges for a Special Award. The winner of the Special Award has the opportunity to audition at a later date for a performance with the RPO. The competition also awards two scholarships to high school seniors.

Fundraisers – Every summer, the League hosts a one-day chartered motor coach trip to a matinee performance at the Glimmerglass Opera Theatre in Cooperstown, New York, followed by dinner.

Special Events – The League organizes special events throughout the year, such as the Orchestra & Staff Appreciation Luncheon, the League Annual Meeting and Luncheon, a celebration of YAA winners, and the Spring Fling.

League Membership and Benefits

League members share a common interest in music and supporting young musicians. They take pride in being part of an organization with a rich history of supporting the RPO. Besides giving financial support to the League, members have the option of participating as volunteers in various RPL annual activities.

Membership provides a unique opportunity to attend designated RPO rehearsals at Music, Munch & Mingle, and to meet RPO musicians and staff at League-sponsored events. Involvement in these events gives members the satisfaction of developing a much closer relationship with the Orchestra and its musicians. Members are regularly informed about current activities through the RPL quarterly newsletter.

The League is funded through the payment of annual dues by its members, through bequests, and by project revenue. We welcome your support! To join the League, download the Membership flyer. For additional information, please call the League Administrator at (585) 454-7311 x254, or e-mail your questions to rpl@rpo.org 

Carol Shulman, President
Charles Kaplan, Presidential Advisor
Kitty Wise, Vice-President
Naomi Schrier, Secretary                           
Margie Sabath, Treasurer

Board of Directors

Joanna Bassett
Mary Ellen Bigler
Judith P. DiPasquale
Elmar Frangenberg
Roselyn Freedman-Baum
George Greer
Carol Hirsh
Cynthia Jankowski
Charles Kaplan
Bonnie Kramer
Katherine Martel

Margaret-Anne Milne
Millie Ness
Kathleen Newcomb
Mary-Ellen Perry
Eileen Ramos
Margie Sabath
Naomi Schrier
Carol Shulman
Howard Spindler
Kitty Wise

 Brigid Ryan
 Janice Macisak, RPO Liason
 Barbara Larson, Director of Education

RPL Staff Administrator: Laura Morihara, rpl@rpo.org , (585) 399-3654


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